Callaway Big Bertha 2004

But at the core, I’m a golfer, and one who plays fairly well. The line that separates “good enough” equipment from “perfect” equipment is a blurry one. I’m always looking for a bit of an advantage, and the Callaway Big Bertha 454 has gotten some rave reviews. Considering how similar the two bean bags are and how much less the Big Joe costs, Big Joe is definitely the better option. The biggest difference between the two is the Fatboy’s larger size—the difference is 13 inches in length and 9 inches in width.

If size is not much of a consideration, then for a much lower price, you’re getting a very similar product with just a tad less comfort. Bean bag chairs are known for their comfort. Sitting in a comfy bean bag is a great way to relax after a hard day at school or work.

I walked almost exclusively for the first few years I played golf. And, the bag can easily be put on a cart for riding. The Edge Unisex set comes with the essential clubs you need to get around a course and studiously avoids including long irons. The longest iron is a 6-iron) and they resemble actual Callaway irons, which I’m a fan of. He mentioned the ball in his original post. Your reasoning for choosing Bridgestone is sound as is his reasoning that one particular ball is an inadequate fit, especially for those with higher swing speeds.

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For easy launch, lower spin and straighter flight, we’ve added more offset into the head. You’re looking for more distance, and the Big Bertha B21 Irons are here to give it to you. They’re engineered for players who want fast ball speed, high launch, straight shots and a new level of confidence. The Big Joe Original Bean Bag Chair is a similar bean bag chair in terms of its durability, type of filling, and look.

I remember how big the GBB seemed when it came out. The shaft was short by today’s standard, more a modern 3 wood length than driver length. One important specification not addressed in the article is shaft length. The EPIC shaft is .5 inches longer, hence more clubhead speed, less accuracy.

My 10 deg Big Bertha keeps low so is ideal for under trees ect and is accurate off the tee although not long . I purchased the FatBoy after eyeing it for a while. It seems that many people I know own one and love it. I purchased “Olive” and in person it appears much darker and more like the color of an olive than what is shown online. Large and great quality, it looks easy enough to clean.

Any comments on how this compares, to the 815 Double Black Diamond? Wondering if it’s worth an upgrade, and in particular if it’s more forgiving than last year’s model. It’s important to realize that the LM numbers should never be compared apples to apples unless we explicitly say that two sets of numbers are comparable. There are a handful of possible variables, but chief among them is the person swinging the club.