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I feel like there are just too many little things wrong with it that take enough away from the bag that I can’t say I love it. However, most of those annoyances were pretty minor in the grand scheme of things, and I found myself really enjoying the Brevite Rolltop for most of my outings with it. The bag is just overkill for the majority of my day-use needs. Similarly, the battery holders in that same compartment were also really snug with just my Fujifilm batteries, so I don’t know how anyone with a DSLR battery is going to be able to make use of them. In terms of the ergonomics of this bag, the Brevite Rolltop is really designed for someone who is planning to have this bag on their back a lot. The bag sits well on the shoulders, the padding is comfortable on the back and allows plenty of room for breathing so it minimizes back sweat.

Brevite is the best camera bag company you’ve probably never heard of. They specialize in sleek, modern camera bags that can double as your gear bag or your favorite weekend bag thanks to its removable modular insert that comes standard with any Brevite backpack. Looking back at the exterior of the bag and on the front along side the larger pocket that covers the camera access, there’s a zipped sleeve pocket and on the side a simple drawstring pouch. Above and below the side pouch are two straps that are ideally positioned to hold a tripod. On the other side, you’ll find an auxiliary gear access door of sorts; it allows you side access to the protective insert, which has its own zipper, giving a double seal.

brevite backpack review

On the outside of the flap, there is a zippered storage pouch and another one on the inside of the flap. Under that flap, the Rucksack can be further closed with a drawstring. The organization works excellent for me… front admin pocket, top medium pocket, camera cube at the bottom front of the bag with side door access, water bottle sleeve with strap for tripod . By far, my favorite aspect of the bag were the organizer pockets.

I swear this bag does everything for you except actually take your photos. All over the outside of the Rucksack is a plethora of features. There is a water bottle pouch on the left side that you can secure with a drawstring and a buckled strap. On the right side is the aforementioned zippered flap that gives you access to the inside of the bottom area of the Rucksack. On the bottom of the bag, you’ll see 2 straps that can be used to hold a tripod.

So much so, that when Brevite told me they wanted to send me a backpack to see if I liked it, I sort of began to panic. Brevitē Jumper Photo Backpack Shoulder Straps and Back PanelThe back panel lacks any mesh lining, so some level of back sweat is inevitable with this bag. What it does have is a luggage passthrough, so if you’re using the Jumper Photo Backpack as your carry on, you can slip on your roller luggage for easy wheeling around the airport. If you are looking for a simple but stylish bag to carry your kit, then the Jumper is a great solution – and at a reasonable price too.

They’re white-on-white on the colorway we’ve been testing, and they blend in nicely with the bag as a whole while still showing all that Brevitē spirit—subtle, yet effective. The camera insert needs to be configured to suit your needs . Given that the Brevite Jumper Backpack is an effortless design, there’s not much involved in setting it up. I have listed my kit below – this is the kind of kit I would take with me on an afternoon of street photography in town.

But, with Brevite’s bag, they provide something that can stand up to wear-and-tear while looking good doing it. Brevite has good corporate values of which they seem to earnestly strive to uphold. I’m impressed by how they have begun integrating recycled material into their supply chain as of 2021. I think they may have a little bit further to go here to be a top of their class brand in this area but compared to their competitors they are in the top 10. Anthony Thurston is a photographer based in the Salem, Oregon area specializing in Boudoir. He recently started a new project, Fiercely Boudoir to help support the growing boudoir community.