It Worlds Lightest Suitcase Review 2020

Hard-shell bags also miss out on a lot of features that are particularly important for a carry-on. They typically lack expansion zippers (and the few hard-sided bags that can expand usually feel too bulky). Very few offer external pockets for storing things like a spare battery pack or a sleep mask.

The bag itself feels good in the hands, and the Hinomoto wheels are noticeably better than those on any of the hard-sided competitors we tried, except for the Muji. Away also uses YKK zippers, currently outclassing our top pick in that regard . The spinner model of the Platinum Elite has a unique magnetic locking system, which helps align the wheels along parallel axes.

The filament expandable spinner has a number of great features to provide you the best functionality in quality in a cost effective price. The trendy and chic look is easy on the eyes and the color options and design tailor to every individual’s needs and personal aesthetics. It has a good storage capacity for both short and long trips, thanks to its expandable feature. This, coupled with the multidirectional easy glide wheels with easy maneuverability makes it one of the most user friendly products amongst the line of IT luggage.

This good-looking duffle bag, which measures 18 x 12 inches, balances the line between sporty and sleek, and works well for a weekend getaway or as a carry-on. It comes in black, gray, and moss green, and it’s made from a tough Neoprene fabric that’s lightweight , protective, and easy to keep clean. Should anything go wrong, the Road Warrior is backed by a five-year warranty that does not cover airline damage. That’s not as long as the other bags we recommend, but it’s better than Vocier’s two-year warranty term and understandable, given the relative newness of the company. If you travel often for one- or two-day business trips, nothing will keep your office wear as pressed and protected as this bag.

Many travelers prefer a two-post handle system because of its ability to piggyback a smaller bag while in transit or to support a laptop, briefcase, or tote while at rest. You can find suitcases as large as 36 inches, but check with your carrier for size limits. There’s usually a weight limit, with extra fees applied for excess weight per bag.

This allows for an easy and convenient handling every time you use the luggage. It also has a wide handle design that helps with weight distribution and makes the bag feel lighter. There are two handles on the top and side as well that are cushioned for easy grip.

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We have personally tested and used all of the travel related products reviewed on this site. Opening the app and checking it’s location shows you not only where it is currently, but a list of places that it’s been. As I spend the next month traveling, I look forward to watching that list grow, and I feel confident that the Raden will be a faithful companion, by my side. The Raden’s zippers are made to keep from snagging, and even when your bag if stuffed to maximum capacity you’ll be safe from watching them freeze up. As someone who’s currently in the midst of planning a ton of traveling, it only seemed right that I would finally take the time to upgrade the ragged and beaten suitcase I’ve been using for the last few years.

When you consider baggage fees, there’s even more reason to take less. Experts recommend that a nonwheeled bag weigh between 2 and 4 pounds, and a wheeled bag weigh no more than 7.5 pounds. For airline travel, most of the weight you lug around should be the weight of your belongings, not the bag. Before you leave, check with your air carrier about weight limits—you don’t want to have to pay a fee for overweight checked baggage, and you don’t want to have to check an overweight carry-on.

Though we prefer YKK zippers, this isn’t enough to change our recommendation, and we still stand by the long-term durability of the zippers on the Travelpro. I detail below the responses received from IT luggage when I explained that two of the wheels have worn away to the point that the case is no longer usable when it is near the beginning of the 10 year warranty period. It luggage advertises on its website that “our luggage is manufactured to a very high standard and undergoes rigorous testing. Our standard 10 year warranty underpins our confidence in the quality of our products. Slight delay in not having the correct ones in stock well communicated. So, overall, this checked suitcase by It Luggage is a good choice if you don’t travel frequently.

There’s nothing eye-grabbing about the bag, which is good if you’re trying to avoid being gate-checked . Its outer fabric is made of a nylon material that seems to be of a tighter weave than that used on the other bags we’ve tested. We also noticed a robust feel to the zippers, which are a self-repairing type made by YKK. The Delsey Helium Aero, our previous hard-sided pick, comes in both a 25-inch and a 29-inch model, so you can choose how much capacity you need. Like our new top pick from Away, this bag is made of 100 percent polycarbonate, so it should last longer than cheaper and less durable ABS plastic suitcases.