Jack Ryan’s Backpack

This is deeply engraved, and gives all the relevant specs on the watch. While it’s something most people would never see I think it’s a nice touch, and further differentiates the Filson Journeyman GMT from the main Shinola catalog. The newest generation has one less pocket in the main compartment, which you can use to fit a phone or a similar small device. My advice is if you’re going to buy a journeyman strive for a 1st but since those are incredibly rare , an early 2nd Edition is a great alternative. This is a strong middle-of-the-pack backpack for Filson. It clearly has more of the high-end materials than some of the sub-$200 offerings from the PNW company, but also the design itself seems more thorough and in line with their DNA.

Nothing for a water bottle on the outside if you’re stressed about having a laptop and a water bottle so close together. It is low tech in that regard, but heritage materials have to be heavy to be durable — it definitely weighs more than any modern nylon. It’s got just enough pockets to be useful without being annoying.

filson journeyman backpack review

I purchased the older version, which has the strap buckle sewn to the side seam. In the newer version, a triangular canvas piece has been added to attach the strap buckle, which makes it fit a little better. As I have been researching all the new offerings, I am starting to notice how difficult it is to find reviews of all this new gear.

I put a medium sized paper back book in this pocket to illustrate it’s size, which fit the book and in addition would easily hold a few more small items. The top leather loop is staying put and not separating. Adding to what @singjai has written, a great way to visually tell whether it’s a 1st or 2nd Edition is the straps, do they have brass rivets or is the leather sewn into the cloth material. While the 2nd Edition did utilize sewing, that Edition is still far superior to the newest generation. was created as a place to share images and product reviews of the luggage and bags manufactured by the legendary CC Filson Co of Seattle, Washington. “The 262 Rucksack was my second Filson purchase and I have used this bag quite a bit.

First, let’s take a look at some of Filson’s most popular outdoor wear. For orders that do not qualify for Free Shipping, we offer discounted shipping rates. To calculate the rate to your destination, click on the “Estimate shipping cost” link on the shopping cart page. Shipping charges vary depending on the location, size, and weight of the package. Filson has created a handsome accessory to provide comfort and convenience for every situation from exploring a new city to embarking on a camping trip.

The straps might not be long enough if you’re wearing a really big coat. If you’re a very small person, you may max out the straps. Some say the bag can’t get tight enough (I saw a 5’3” woman complaining about that on their site) plus it’s quite hard to speedily adjust their length on the go. To view all member articles, take a look at the best products guides, see photos of the bags I’ve tested on me, or take a look at my ‘what I carry’ lists. The bad part about the straps is that the bridle buckle adjustment system sucks to use. It’s cumbersome and not at all fast to adjust this bag.

When you have that many time zones printed out, things are smaller. When I got the Filson Journeyman GMT in, I could easily see that they were intending this watch for an outdoors lifestyle. The 44mm steel case has a brushed finish, and the case itself does not feature any sharp edges to it – well, aside from the crown guards. These feel almost like an afterthought, but my guess is that they’re covering the pusher positions that the chronograph version of the Journeyman.

It also gives you the sense that it is a strap that should last for, well, just about forever. This is helped along with something that is rare on watches I have reviewed – a roller buckle. We first brought you word of the new Filson watches in February.

That’s the jacket that K-Mart Jason Bourne Hawkeye used in that movie, right? Unlike the others, I went to a store and tried this backpack out. While of high quality overall, I felt like this was too light, too insubstantial and for the usage of moving around computers and nerd in a city, it was too good at the wrong things.

They’re also slightly tapered at the bottom for extra protection over a pair of Filson boots. The Filson Mackinaw Cruiser is available in five colors, and sizes range from extra small to 3XL. Still headquartered in Seattle to this day, Filson is known for durable, high-quality outerwear for adventurers and trade workers.