Louis Vuitton Graceful Mm

Rep said he would call me back. I’m very disappointed at the overall service experience after my family and I spent our first evening traveling to the store from a Queens hotel and waiting to be helped. I personally counted 4-5 reps with at times 3 standing at the counter. After waiting to receive my bag, I then proceeded to discuss the replacement. After explaining, the reps pulled and prodded my bag with facial expressions that did not demonstrate the customer service I would expect from LV. After continuous conversation with reps and the store manager about the cracking and “protocol” , I was then asked about storage and climate.

louis vuitton graceful mm review

So please wait, check if someone updates any information about the product, and then carry on. If you find any updates, please send us the update. This will help others to track.

Shop the Louis Vuitton outlet selection for amazing deals you won’t find anywhere else on our site. On November 23 I purchased 3 Neverfull Bags at LV on Michigan Avenue and had them shipped to my home. They came in 3 different boxes since they were ordered and shipped from different locations. The boxes were delivered and signed for but One of the boxes looked different than the others.

I said “you’re not giving me a display! ” I will not pay a full price for a display! She said that it was just put in the display the day before! She should have told me that that’s the only one left before I wasted my time and her time! I went to Bloomingdales and the SA explained to me that they only keep one or 2 of the same kind of bag so usually it doesn’t stay for a long time in the display. Long before his brand would become known globally for its exemplary top-handle bags and stylish totes, Vuitton produced stackable and rectangular trunks.

The two bags are at a similar price point too – The Neverfull MM is $1,390 and the Graceful MM is $1,440. This is the REAL owner of the REAL Marie & Marcele Boutique located in NC. That picture above is of my mom and i. Unfortunately, we have NO AFFLIATION with THE Marie & Marcele that is attempting to sell LV Handbags and other designer goods.