Peak Design Everyday Backpack Ultimate Review

That doesn’t seem like a heavy bag, and, by hiking standards, it’s not. But for such a tiny backpack, it’s quite dense — and the bag still wasn’t even close to full. That’s one area where you can’t fault Peak Design’s marketing.

peak design everyday backpack v2 review

It isn’t the lightest bag and I suppose that comes with the territory of it containing a vast amount of features and premium materials. The 20L Everyday Backpack V2 is a great carry solution for a DJI Mavic Pro with space to fit a Sony a7 III as well. The Everyday Backpack V2 really is designed for everyday use in mind, since you can so easily rearrange it and make absolute maximum use of it in so many different situations. You’ll be able to fit a full-size DSLR camera into the 20L Everyday Backpack V2 along with the rest pictured here. If you’re preparing for a day at the beach you can section off the inner compartment to store all that you need for the day, as well as strapping your bulky towel to the outside of the bag.

Most backpacks have a laptop compartment, and most of those laptop compartments are going to unzip around the entire circumference of the pack so you can completely open the tech compartment . Finally loading and unloading and accessing the bag one the trip experience- phenomenal! We went on a two day trip with the backpack and can tell you that we never ran out of ways to use the backpack. Loading it up with the various items was simple and accessing them was even easier. With multiple stops on the trip we could have asked for a better backpack to haul our gear. In total we counted over 48,000 steps walked in 2 days, the backpack held up with zero issues, withstood 2 airline flights, and easily carried gear with multiple people accessing it along the way.

The hip belt holds the bag in position and one can grab the camera and shoot swiftly. Also this design in the Trifecta makes changing lenses a doddle! Try doing this twisting this Peak backpack to get at a side flap!

There is only a single magnet in the center, meaning on either side there are openings, and it didn’t feel secure putting actually something there. The material on the zippers has the capacity to unbuckle, which you can then re-buckle over the provided loops on the side of the pack. Featuring a clean silhouette with minimal dangling straps, the all-new Everyday Backpack brilliantly adapts to your ever-changing gear, lifestyle, and environment. Watch our Everyday Backpack Instructional.Questions about sizing and what fits? If you’re into a bag that compartmentalizes every bit of gear, then this will be your new friend.

I would caution most landscape photographers against purchasing one, since it simply doesn’t do well when filled with all the weight you’d need for longer hikes. More importantly, if you don’t need all the bells and whistles of this bag, there are several options on the market that are far less expensive. The bad news, though, is that the bag’s sturdiness and waterproofness make it very chunky.