The Best North Face Backpacks Of 2022 For Work & Travel

Though the North Face vault backpack is known for selling pricey gear, still, it’s one of the best in their line. Also, you will get a lifetime guarantee if you buy any of their products. Not all brands in the same industry will give you this kind of offering.

Unlike the backpacks of yesteryear, contemporary backpacks come equipped with all sorts of additional compartments and storage spaces. There is however a big difference in these features from one model to another, so consider your needs when selecting the best North Face backpack for you. Some of the models we are going to take a look at are limited to one main pocket and one laptop sleeve. While this is adequate for light commuting, it might be a bit limiting for college students and travelers. Fortunately, higher end models have been designed with many pockets as well as specialized storage areas for things like your phone and car keys.

On the other hand, nylon backpacks are often thicker, so you can count on better performance in harsh conditions . The first thing we like is the large mesh pocket on the front that’s great for quickly stashing larger equipment. The backpack is equipped with compression straps on the sides to keep it snug to your body even when full. Style is an individual opinion, but our panel of experts all agreed that the Recon was among the least stylish bag of the bunch we tested. It does come in over ten different color schemes so it’s probable that you can find one to your liking.

Ultimately, all these features will help you determine how useful a backpack is. Padding does add weight some weight, but it’s worth it for the added comfort and protection. Even light padding can significantly increase the level of comfort and keep your gear safe.

north face vault backpack review

From everyday use as a commuter, you can transform it into an adventurer multi-day type of bag in just one snap. Compared to the JESTER product model, the North Face Vault bag is smaller, but they both have the same attributes, which can be often tagged as the best commuter daypack. They are different in a good way, especially when it comes to design, quality, and long-lasting products. The North Face Vault Bag is first in line when it comes to the best and most popular choice. It is flexible and can serve a wide range of whatever you need.