Upper Park Disc Golf Bag Reviews

You want to have a waterproof disc golf backpack if you play in wet conditions or travel to different locations. It would be beneficial to keep your discs dry to improve your game. Or, at the very least, get the water-resistant one to save as much of the equipment as possible. You could simply get a rain cover separately as most bags are waterproof or water-resistant only at the bottom.

There is a designated cell phone pouch with a clear, touch-screen capable screen. A large and adjustable bottle holder is provided, allowing easy storage of virtually any water bottle. The Skinny 2.3 bag is also lightweight, making it good for your back.

disc golf bag reviews

I also have some difficulties in tightening the backstrap, but all of these were manageable as I use the bag more. The 750 plastic on this run is a bit on the firmer side of things but still provides plenty of grip. This disc will turn over on you in a headwind but it really is just a more overstable D2. This run has some absolute beautiful colors and the tri stamp is down right sexy. Mine’s pink (mainly because it’s hard to lose pink discs unless they go in the drink) and the foil stamp is pink, purple and silver. I bag only Prodigy discs and this is up there with the best looking disc I bag.

We’ve selected our 23 Best Disc Golf Bags after extensive research and designed a buying guide to help you pick the best option. Even if you only throw a handful of different disc molds, for tournament play, you are going to want a bag that has a high disc capacity because you will want backups. I once played at the Glass Blown Open tournament and lost eight discs at that event, including six just at the Olpe Lake course.

Nevertheless, it keeps your hands free and is a cool standard feature. Discs sit higher- With three-wheeled push carts my discs sit higher than they do in a pull cart, providing easier access and less bending over. This bag is one of the latest one from Dynamic Discs and has been a best seller for some time.

Hopefully the website will grow its stable of content in the future, so I’ll keep checking back for more. Helping you stay comfortable, a padded set of straps as well as a padded back panel creating a very comfortable fit that is easy to carry for multiple rounds. Engineered with a low center of gravity, the Trooper is certain to keep your discs and other belongings upright. At this point, I should say I went into this review wanting to like the Rovic.

It was a good bag the first time but has been approved with each new addition. Not only is the V3 incredibly good-looking with simple solid colors, but it is made of ultra durable light weight rip stop fabric. When empty, the bag weighs just over three pounds which is substantially less than most premium tournament packs. Keeping the bag always hanging on the back will pull your shoulders down, which may cause back tightness and soreness. It can also affect the center of your balance, making you exert more energy as you carry the bag on the disc golf course. When it comes to the bag’s weight, I suggest keeping the weight closer to your body weight because it is suitable for your back in the long term.

Another important factor is the position of the pad; if the pads are not fixed at one place, it can be uncomfortable for you to carry around the bag as they will keep on sliding. Look for straps and panels that have an ergonomic design as they will provide extreme comfort. This bag has the capacity of holding up to twelve discs and has enough room for storing other valuables and accessories.